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How did I get into camming? Date: Jan 17th @ 4:28pm EST
This is one of the most popular questions me, and every other cam model gets asked. Some stories are crazy, some are funny and some are sad. Mines not all that exciting to be honest. I worked a multitude of jobs growing up. I originally went to school for skin therapy and once I graduated I realized that there was very little money in it so I moved onto Nursing. I went to school to be a CNA but I absolutely hated the people I worked with. It wasn't until I started a job at a psychiatric hospital that I was really content in what I did. Well after a few years of finally doing something I enjoyed, the hospital I worked at shut down. There I was scrambling trying to figure out what my next step was but I needed to do something in the mean time. I thought about ubering but honestly dealing with the mess that comes along with, I wasn't thrilled on the idea. A friend of mine had a number of odd jobs including camming. She explained everything to me and I was immediately interested. I had always been an exhibitionist and was super comfortable in my body so I decided to give it a try. Camming is definitely not for everyone & not everyone can make a living off of it (including me on my first site!), but when you really enjoy something I think that really reads on cam and people notice it. I started camming in December of 2017. I took a break for a bit and adventured into other aspects of sex work but once I was introduced by a friend to Flirt I knew this was my home site. I am so thankful for camming and sex work. It has truly changed my life!
What is your biggest fantasy? Date: Dec 15th @ 10:31pm EST
I get asked all the time what my biggest fantasy is. It actually might surprise you because I've always loved the thought of getting double penetrated. I've been Eiffel towered before but there's something so intriguing about having a dick in my ass while another one is fucking my pussy. This might surprise you because if you know me at all, you're aware I don't love anal. The few times I've done anal I've needed some type clitoris stimulation so in my head if I'm just being used in all my holes I won't be thinking about the dick in my ass lmao! Another fantasy is just being taken to a bar or a public space, being tied up and letting anyone use me however they please. I'm so in control with my whole life so just losing control gets me wet.
MIA Date: Oct 4th @ 7:28pm EDT
I will be gone from Monday October 11th until Wednesday October 13th! I am going on vacation for a week in Florida! Flirt SMS will be on during this time though!